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What we do

DevOps is more than just a way to build better and faster software. It’s more than just a cultural shift in the way we work. DevOps is a self-organizing force that becomes part of your company DNA, driving complete organizational change.

But change can be tough, we know. And that’s where we come in. We advise, coach and guide you and your teams towards a DevOps state-of-mind. That way your company can grow, innovate, automate and thrive on what you do best: make great products.

Company Organisation

Profit Driven

Hierarchical organisations

Culture Driven

Flat-Circular organisations

Work Methodology

Waterfall Structure

Linear non flexible structure
Slow adapting to customer needs
Slow adapting to market changes


Fast adapting to changes
Cheaper production, Faster releases


Manual Delivery

Long and slow processes
Projects as big blocks
Inefficient use of resources

Continuous Delivery

Projects as small blocks/MVPs
Metrics, Better learning curve



Complex application architecture

Micro services

Simplified application architecture
Innovation driven, Future forward



Tasks and orders driven


Autonomy leadership
Consent decision-making

For who

Devopsense is for everyone. Whether you are a startup in need of some guidance, or a large enterprise looking for full DevOps implementation, we’ve got you covered.

Large Companies

You’re an established company but struggle to adopt innovation in your supply chain. With a focus on company organisation/structure, work methodology, application architecture and environment, we will work closely with you to embed DevOps deep within your organisation.

Medium And Small Companies

Perhaps you’re a startup looking for some engineering consultation, or a medium-sized company looking for implementation and application architecture support. We can advise, coach and guide you through the entire process.

Our approach

Tailor Made

Every customer is different. That’s why we set up a consultation session with you to understand your company and what makes your product unique. And with that we will make a proposal and design a strategy that is tailor-made just for you.

Deep Dive

When working with your company we don’t just skim the surface, we dive deep. In order to implement the right strategy we take a hands-on approach and work one-on-one with the appropriate individuals/team(s) to provide personalised coaching.

Paving the way

There are trend setters, and then there are trend followers. We like to think of ourselves as the former, so in order to be at the forefront of all developments in the market we organize, host and attend relevant meetups: DevOps, Continuous Delivery, Ansible, HashiCorp User Group, Software Circus, Docker Randstad...

Who we are

Mark Heistek

Carlos León

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